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The Russian Society of Psychiatrists (RSP) is an independent nonprofit professional organization that brings together specialists in the field of Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychotherapy, Medical Psychology, and others who work in the Russian Federation Mental Health Care System.

The RSP works to improve the quality of care for people with mental illness, to protect their legitimate rights and interests, to improve mental health of the population, and to raise the professional standard of specialists in the fields of Psychiatry, Narcology, Psychotherapy, and Clinical Psychology, ensuring their rights and interests in addition to developing the science of Psychiatry.

The RSP originates from the medical societies of Psychiatrists and Neurologists that were first organized in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the 19th century. In the 80-ties of the XIX century S.Korsakov was one of those who founded the All-Russian Society but the official statutes of the “Russian Union of Psychiatrists and Neurologists” was adopted only in 1908.

Later on, the society underwent a period of organizational changes. Initially, in the USSR, the specialists in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurology were able to become the members of the Society (the number of members in the 1980’s reached 22,000 in number). In 1988, the Society was subdivided into the Society of Psychiatrists and the Society of Neurologists and, after the collapse of USSR, the Russian Society of Psychiatrists became the successor of the All-Union Society of Psychiatrists.

Almost all the prominent Russian and Soviet psychiatrists were members of the Society and its Board including V.M. Bekhterev, V.P. Serbsky, P.P. Kaschenko, P.B. Gannushkin, O.V. Kerbikov, V.A. Gilyarovsky, and A.V. Snezhnevsky, etc. From 1995 to 2010, Professor Valery N. Krasnov acted as the Chairman of the RSP Board. In 2010 (during the XV Congress of Russian Psychiatrists) and in 2015 (during the XVI Congress of Russian Psychiatrists) Professor Nikolay G. Neznanov was elected as the President of the RSP for the current period.

Currently, the RSP has more than 8,500 psychiatrists as members (representing more than 30% of the psychiatrists from all over Russia). Regional branches of the Society are present in 76 of the 83 subjects of the Russian Federation. The RSP is an official member of the World Psychiatric Association, European Psychiatric Association, and Russian National Medical Ward. The RSP organizes the Russian Congress of Psychiatrists every 5 years and Russian national conferences annually. The RSP includes more than 20 Committees and Sections that explicate the various issues of scientific Psychiatry and mental health care services. The Russian Early Career Psychiatrist’s Council actively works for the benefits of the young generation of professionals, organizing the Schools for Early Career Psychiatrists in Suzdal every 2 years.

In the near future, after the Mental Health Care System Reform has taken place in the Russian Federation, the RSP, being one of the major medical professional organizations, aims to gain additional input and authority in the state certification of specialists as well as the implementation of the Continued Medical Education System in Russia.

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Professor Nikolay G. Neznanov
President of the RSP
  Professor Valery N. Krasnov
Former Chairman of the RSP Board (1995-2010)

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