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Новости Всемирной психиатрической ассоциации

Dear Friends,
Welcome back to the second edition of our World Psychiatric Association's (WPA) eNewsletter – WPA Review! We were overwhelmed and delighted with the feedback we received following the first edition, and we are thankful to see the continued support for this edition. With nearly 50 submissions received from all WPA components, it is clear to see that we all remain committed and dedicated to our work despite the limitations we continue to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
As some of us are slowly opening up and getting back to some kind of normality, the news and images coming out of Afghanistan these past weeks have been difficult to watch and our thoughts go out to the people of Afghanistan. WPA and its members stand ready to support those impacted in the months ahead and we should work together to ensure that we provide the mental health resources to address this traumatic situation for all who need them. I am constantly impressed by what our members accomplish through their collaborations, adaptability and resilience during these critical situations.
The WPA has also been busy this past quarter with a number of projects. Our Action Plan 2020-2023 Working Groups have continued to meet and work together to fulfil their terms of reference. I am pleased to see the progress they have been making and the activities they have and are organising.
Our meetings programme is also active planning October’s 21st WPA World Congress of Psychiatry. Following the success evolution of the previous WCP Congress in a fully digital format, we are very much looking forward to meeting everyone again soon. Registration is still possible here. We also had two very successful WPA Regional Congresses in Russia and Ukraine that were held in a unique hybrid format.
The new Executive Committee and Zonal Board has met several times over the past months to discuss a number of ongoing topics and activities. Groups have also been selected to the review of the WPA Position Statements. Once these documents have been updated, they will be available on the WPA website. We have also been strengthening our relationships with the Collaborating Centres (CC) to knowledge share and support their work. As such, we have now created a dedicated page on the WPA website so that others can gain insight into their work and potentially some inspiration for their own projects. Content will be added here as and when we receive it.
The WPA Educational Portal team have continued to develop the platform further by adding fresh content and hosting our own and co—owned webinars. With this tool, we not only facilitate further education in psychiatry but also that it will encourage and inspire learning among colleagues and trainees around the world. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to take a look at the wealth of resources that are available to you – click here.
As COVID-19 has shown us that we can achieve a lot with our online tools, we have been focusing a lot of energy in this area. Not only have we completed a restructure of our WPA website’s navigation, we have also brought to life our social media channels with regular postings regarding our news, congresses and meetings. As touched on above, we have also embraced the world of webinars, working with both our members and third-party associations, institutions and companies, we are in the process of setting up and running a number or free and paid online educational activities. These include, a mental health care course (in collaboration with NCD),  a new ICD-11 course, a yoga in mental health course, psychiatric rehabilitation course and an early intervention course. We are also looking into a genetics and suicide prevention courses. Keep an eye on this page for any details of upcoming courses.
Finally, we have also been working on an exciting film project where we have been interviewing the members of the Executive Committee as well as past WPA Presidents. Subscribe to our news page and YouTube channel to make sure you do not miss them as we publish them.
As we enter the third quarter of 2021, I am very proud of WPA’s strong adaptability, energy and creativity shown in dealing with such difficult situations. Together with all of you, I look forward with confidence, convinced that we will be able to transform new challenges into opportunities. Thank you all for the ongoing support you provide us in return.

Best wishes,

Prof. Afzal Javed
WPA President



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