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Autumn 2020 MSc Webinar “Biological Psychiatry & Psychopharmacology”

 Илья Федотов
Место проведения: онлайнДата мероприятия: 30-09-2020 - 30-09-2020

On behalf of Professor Kostas Fountoulakis, let us to invite you to the Autumn 2020 MSc Webinar “Biological Psychiatry & Psychopharmacology”, which will take place on 30th September 2020, at 2 PM - 7:30 PM GMT/UTC. Please, find the Program and official poster attached. 

Register, in advance, at the web-page to get your access to the Webinar by the link

Receive your E-Certificate by automatic e-mail after the event.
The Webinar continues the series of MSc Webinars - the online-ZOOM events for the clinicians and educators in the field of psychiatry.

The MSc Webinar is organized for mental health professionals under the auspices of
- World Psychiatric Association (Standing Committee on Planning, Section on Evidence based Psychiatry)
- Pan-Hellenic Medical Association, and
- Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences and Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The aim of these educational sessions is to provide a global and comprehensive update of the newest developments in neurobiology, psychopharmacology, treatment guidelines and person centered care of mental disorders.

The strategic approach of the invited speakers is to avoid content-free eloquence and authority and to face hard questions on the base of research findings.

During the upcoming webinar you will have a unique opportunity not just to listen to the experts, but also to discuss your questions during Q&A sessions.

The language of the webinar is English.

Participation in the webinar is free.



PDF_Program_30092020_Autumn MSc WEBINAR_Program.pdf (2,746.34 kb.)
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