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The Annual Meeting of the European Bipolar Forum

 Иван Мартынихин
Место проведения: Seville, SpainДата мероприятия: 18-03-2013 - 20-03-2013

The European Bipolar Forum is exactly that - an open forum for debate and discussion on all topics relating to Bipolarity and Bipolar Disorders. We welcome all individuals to join and comment, although the EBF is based in Europe it is FREE to join and as such is not limited to geographical divides. Please feel free to join in no matter where you are from.

The EBF offers an opportunity to access expert opinion; join in with peers with a common interest; and keep up to date on current thinking on treatments and management strategies. It also offers the opportunity to contribute to clinical research in simple, but effective ways. Visit the Membership page to join.

The International Review of Bipolar Disorders (www.irbd.org), provides a forum for European Psychiatrists to meet on an annual basis, and provides the perfect stepping stone upon which to base an organization which encourages an ongoing dialogue between like-minded individuals.

The European Bipolar Forum seeks to establish itself as such an organisation. It provides the basis for individuals or National organisations to form like-minded International groups, and to drive common objectives, research and projects.

We welcome your ideas to start new initiatives, and look forward to working with you in the coming years.



Веб-сайт конференции: http://www.irbd.org/


Internation Clinical PsychopharmacologyWe are delighted to announce that abstracts from IRBD 2010, 2011 and Winter Workshop in Psychoses 2009, 2011 have now been published in International Clinical Psychopharmacology and are available for review.

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