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8th Human Amyloid Imaging meeting

 Иван Мартынихин
Место проведения: Miami, Florida, USAДата мероприятия: 15-01-2014 - 17-01-2014

Сайт конференции (в т.ч. с отчетами о прежних конференциях): http://www.worldeventsforum.com/hai/

The 8th Human Amyloid Imaging meeting will take place in Miami, Florida on January 15-17, 2014. My co-organizers for the meeting will again be Bill Klunk and Chet Mathis (University of Pittsburgh) and Bill Jagust (University of California, Berkeley).

At HAI 2014 we will continue to emphasize ample lively discussion of core controversies such as: what does the presence of brain amyloid mean, how should it be measured, how does it change, and what does it portend? Our discussions will primarily spring from brief presentations by active investigators who will report unpublished, cutting-edge research in human imaging of amyloid-beta and/or other biomarkers that pertain to Alzheimer's-related disease. To assemble at HAI only the most recent, important work, abstract submissions will be again accepted and peer-reviewed less than two months prior to the meeting.

The 2013 meeting drew close to 250 attendees and showcased 64 posters from approximately 20 research groups from the North America, Europe, South East Asia, and Australia. Meeting Programs from past years are accessible from this page (see links in the right column).

Research reports are complemented at HAI by Keynote presentations that are intended to cross disciplines and provide perspective from neuropathology, neurochemistry, psychology, neurology, molecular imaging, clinical trials and biomarker research. In 2014, we are pleased to welcome two such presentations from Thomas Beach (Banner Sun Health Research Institute) and Eckhard Mandelkow (Max Planck Research Unit for Structural Molecular Biology at DESY). In addition to these, we will continue our lectures on basic methods in amyloid PET.

Until then, browse our site, review our past programs, speakers and posters and consider joining us in 2014!

Keith A. Johnson, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School 


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