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Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Modifiability

 Иван Мартынихин
Место проведения: Иерусалим, ИзраильДата мероприятия: 10-03-2013 - 13-03-2013


Сайт конференции http://www.brainconference.com/en/

Why Do We Come Together?

Scientific advancements in conceptualization and technology make available new tools for professionals facing medical, psychological, educational, and societal problems facing human beings on a global scale. This conference brings together revolutionary developments in two disciplines--cognitive modifiability and the neurosciences. Neuroscience brings evidence that modifiability is possible, and cognitive modifiability shows how to make it happen! This meeting offers the opportunity for a worldwide gathering of scientists, practitioners, therapists, and educators who come from different professional perspectives but share common interests to explore and become familiar with the developments in these related fields. The common theme modifiability. Revolutionary developments in the brain sciences support the theory and belief that basic human behaviors and functions can be modified.

The Potential to Respond to Critical Needs

From the perspective of both disciplines it is now clear that the systematic application of dynamic assessment and intervention has the potential to produce change. The science, and the growing awareness that it has generated, indicates that the three conventionally accepted resistances to change can be overcome-etiology, the genetic, hereditary, chromosomal causes of disability; critical periods, indicating that there are developmental deadlines after which change is not possible; and severity of the condition, indicating that extreme conditions cannot be improved.

However, we are at the frontier of this knowledge. There is much to be learned in order to understand the implications of the convergence of cognitive modifiability and the revolution in the brain sciences and bring them into wide acceptance and practice.

Outcomes and Opportunities

Through interactions among people from different cultures and countries, from a diverse range of professional orientations, the conference will present contributions from seminal contributors, and action reports from those exploring these new frontiers.

This is a critical period in the development of this dialogue. Jerusalem, as a center for technological and academic activity is appropriate site for the sharing of this knowledge and hope!



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